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Building off the momentum of the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) 2015-2017 Learning Collaborative, “From Engagement to Evidence: Using PCOR and CER to Inform State Policymaking,” NASHP will convene an in-person, state-to-state learning conference with states that participated in the learning collaborative (Alabama, Colorado, and Massachusetts) to maximize peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

This meeting will further advance the three original learning collaborative goals: 1) to increase the use of PCOR/CER in state health policy making; 2) to do so in a cross-agency fashion; and 3) to engage both patients and consumer stakeholders in the process.

Over the course of the 20-month learning collaborative, each participating state chose to focus on a different goal and, as a result, has significant experience to share and to learn from their peers. The composition of the state teams will include one patient/consumer stakeholder member and representatives from two separate agencies within each state. Finding the opportunity and taking the time to cultivate relationships with stakeholders such as consumers, beneficiaries, and patients is a challenge for state officials, and this conference will create a valuable opportunity to create new ties and/or to strengthen existing ties with their patient/consumer stakeholder team members.

The facilitated peer-to-peer discussions during this meeting will be grounded in states’ experiences in finding, evaluating, and applying patient-centered outcomes research to their policy making, and in engaging patients in those efforts. As PCOR becomes increasingly available from PCORI, this group will be poised to seek out and use emerging findings. Participants will be enabled to play the role of champion for patient-centered outcomes research in their states as they return home with new tools and strategies shared by their peers for evidence-based policy making and engaging patients, as well as a new goal identified for continued work. A follow-up blog will share meeting themes and findings to broaden the impact to state health policy makers across the country.

This meeting will take place on October 23, 2017 in conjunction with NASHP’s 30th Annual Health Policy Conference in Portland, Oregon, a major hub of evidence-based approaches to policy making. Though the “State-to-State Peer Learning Conference” will be a closed session, it will be held in tandem with a public pre-conference on “Using Evidence to Inform Policymaking,” featuring an interactive workshop, a panel with state experts sharing their models for evidence-informed policy making, and an overview of new and emerging evidence of note for state health policy makers.

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Jennifer Reck, MA
Center for Health Policy Development/National Academy for State Health Policy

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6 months


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