Project Summary

Our Tier I efforts resulted in the formation of the Tulumbe Project, a partnership of HIV patients, advocates, healthcare providers, and researchers and African community members. Our mission is to co-create a robust, sustainable partnership that considers the unique contributions of patients, community members, stakeholders, and researchers to reduce the negative impact of HIV among African immigrants through knowledge acquisition, stigma reduction, and cultural awareness as well as engagement in care and services. In nine months, we successfully engaged more than 70 African immigrant community members and over 50 healthcare providers and researchers.

Through patient, provider, and community engagement, our health topic morphed from focusing on the HIV care continuum to a focus on HIV prevention and navigation/linkage to care. Hence, our patient population is African immigrants at high risk for HIV—women, men, youth, and families—and our health topics include family communication, self-efficacy for African immigrant women, deconstructing masculinity for African immigrant men, sexual health education for African immigrant youth, and stigma reduction.

For Tier II, we will strengthen our partnership and expand to include stakeholders necessary for addressing the identified health topics. We have a strong communication plan for disseminating information, reporting back, and celebrating the success of our partnership. Activities, such as provider interviews and small discussion groups with youth, will enable the partnership to critically assess each health topic’s ability to be studied and present the question most likely to be supported by PCORI funding.

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Project Information

Chioma Nnaji, MPH, Med
Multicultural AIDS Coalition

Key Dates

12 months


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Last updated: November 10, 2022