Project Summary

The focus of Tier II is to engage and develop a diverse partnership of dedicated professionals, patients, and home health aides to identify ways to support older adults with substance misuse living in the community. During Tier II, the Partnership Team will engage in a process of reviewing and summarizing the comparative effectiveness research (CER) ideas generated in Tier I through an examination of the literature and evidence that is available related to these ideas. Through collaborative workshops, the Partnership Team members will engage in a discussion about the pros and cons and foreseeable issues with feasibility or effectiveness with respect to our health problem and selected population. We will have patients, providers, setting-experts, policy makers, and researchers engaged in these workshops. Contributing to the development of a strong CER research question, additional key stakeholders will be engaged in a variety of methods, including a forum with home care aides, listening sessions with Aging Service Access Point Case Managers, and one-on-one discussions with patients. Their feedback and recommendations will be incorporated into the Partnership Team’s decision-making process to develop a strong and balanced CER patient-centered question and ideas for developing our CER research project in Tier III.

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Project Information

Hayley P. Gleason, MS, MSW
Home Care Aide Foundation

Key Dates

12 months


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Last updated: November 30, 2022