Project Summary

PCORI implementation projects promote the use of findings from PCORI-funded studies. This project focuses on implementing findings from the completed PCORI-funded research project: Developing an Item Bank of Survey Questions to Measure Women's Experiences with Childbirth in Hospitals

This project is in progress.

What were the results from the original PCORI-funded research study?

The research team created an item bank of questions that hospitals and researchers can use to find out how women feel about the care they received while in the hospital for childbirth. An item bank is a list of tested survey questions about a specific topic. The team created an item bank with questions about managing pain during childbirth and making decisions about breastfeeding. Other questions asked how well staff communicated and showed concern and respect. 

Why is this research finding important?

Hospitals use patient satisfaction surveys to improve the care they offer. These general surveys ask how satisfied patients are with their hospital stay. But women who are giving birth have different needs than other patients. An item bank about childbirth lets hospitals quickly create surveys to help women share feedback about their birth experiences.

What is the goal of this project?

The project team wants to help 10 hospitals ask women about their childbirth experience using a survey with questions from the new item bank.

What is the project team doing?

The project team is working with staff and leaders at 10 hospitals. Each hospital is creating a process to survey women who have recently given birth about their experiences. The hospitals will use the survey results to improve care.

How is the team evaluating this project?

Across the 10 hospitals, the team is looking at whether

  • The hospitals send out the survey
  • Patients fill out the survey
  • Hospital leaders find the survey results useful
  • Hospital leaders want to use the survey long-term to improve care for women giving birth

How is the team involving patients and others in making sure the findings reach people who can use them?

To plan this project, the team is working with leaders at each hospital and groups that focus on the health of mothers and babies. The team will work with state and national groups, including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, to get more hospitals interested in using the survey.

Project Information

Kimberly D. Gregory, MD, MPH
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Implementation of Childbirth-Specific Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures in the Hospital Setting

Key Dates

June 2022

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