Project Summary

Background: Patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) leads to better research processes and outcomes. Lack of institutional infrastructure for PCOR leads to missed opportunities and inefficiencies. NIH-funded Clinical and Translational Sciences Institutes (CTSI) are well placed to help advance PCOR.

Proposed Solution to the Problem: To address stakeholder challenges facing PCOR teams effectively, efficiently, and sustainably, institutions have to go beyond providing consultations and materials to establishing infrastructures to support stakeholder engagement. The project team will study how to create an institutional infrastructure to support PCOR researchers and stakeholders at the University of California, San Francisco, which has robust PCORI funding and a strong CTSI community engagement program.

Objectives: The objective is to create academic institutional infrastructures that support and promote PCOR with maximal efficiency and impact. The aims are to: assess the needs of PCOR investigators and map the capacity of CTSI and other infrastructures with respect to stakeholder engagement in all phases of PCOR; create a systematic stakeholder infrastructure to assist funded PCOR projects, develop new PCOR projects, and train new PCOR investigators; and use the systematic stakeholder infrastructure to develop new PCOR projects and assist UCSF PCORI-funded investigators in the implementation of their research and dissemination of their findings to local communities and clinical systems as well as through the national networks established by CTSIs and PCORI.

Activities: The project team will convene an institutional advisory board and conduct needs assessment and asset mapping. The researchers will develop an online platform and materials and meetings to train, connect, and provide technical assistance to the PCORI teams. The team will use these infrastructures to ensure that PCORI investigators carry out their project implementation and dissemination with the appropriate stakeholder input.

Outcomes and Outputs:

  • Needs assessment findings and capacity mapping for PCOR at UCSF
  • Infrastructure, including institutional advisory board, instruments, training materials, and online platform
  • New PCOR investigators, PCOR collaborations, and stakeholders from communities of color and the underserved on current projects lacking sufficient diversity

Patient and Stakeholder Engagement Plan: Patients and community stakeholders from PCORI projects and from community health coalitions will participate in the advisory board meetings and convenings. They will meet every two months and participate in all project activities. They will help to create connections and disseminate results.

Project Collaborators: UCSF CTSI, UCSF Center for Community Engagement, health equity coalitions in San Francisco, University of New Mexico.

Project Information

Tung Nguyen, MD
University of California, San Francisco

Key Dates

31 months


Project Status
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Last updated: November 10, 2022