Project Summary

Background: It is important for people who will be affected by research to be able to provide input into the research process. When researchers and consumers of research work together, the research becomes more relevant and usable. Sometimes, it is difficult for consumers and researchers to work together at first, because they have different backgrounds and experiences. It is especially difficult for people with aphasia to have a voice in research, because of the need for additional communication supports.

Solution: The purpose of BRIDGE is to help consumers living with aphasia work with researchers to plan and evaluate research on which treatment is most effective. The project team will do this by creating webinars that help consumers understand research and learn how to ask questions and talk with researchers. The team will also train researchers on how to better communicate with people with aphasia. Then, the project team will bring these people together in a conference that will create teams to work together on research.

Project Outcomes: As a result of this conference, there will be researcher-consumer teams who will be fully prepared to collaborate on developing research on which treatment is most effective in different circumstances. The project will also be important for all people who have language limitations or communication difficulties. It will show how to help people participate in research. 

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Project Information

Alejandro Brice, PhD
Jackie Hinckley, MS, PhD
University of South Florida

Key Dates

24 months


Project Status
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Last updated: December 1, 2022