Project Summary

PCPCC is a national, multi-stakeholder organization that offers a unique opportunity to create a powerful and widely networked channel for rapidly and effectively disseminating PCOR and CER results, including linking to national provider and stakeholder organizations that are important users of PCOR results. While some of these groups may currently participate in PCOR research, there is enormous potential for PCPCC to substantially increase awareness of PCOR research and to greatly improve the dissemination of PCOR and CER results to drive clinical improvement and policy change.

At the same time, gaps exist in PCPCC’s capacity to disseminate results, including the need to better understand the needs and interests of its members related to PCOR studies; opportunities to expand PCPCC’s reach by leveraging its member relationships to further disseminate PCOR results; and better understanding the needs and preferences of its members regarding methods and tools to disseminate PCOR results.

PCPCC will engage in a structured 17-month effort to build its infrastructure, capacity, and expertise to increase awareness of PCOR and CER research and disseminate PCOR results more broadly, more rapidly, and more effectively through the following activities:

Maximize dissemination of PCOR results by leveraging and expanding PCPCC’s current network of partners:

  • Conduct survey of PCPCC members to better understand and characterize its network and inform the development of dissemination strategies that address their needs and preferences
  • Expand PCPCC’s current dissemination network by leveraging the power of its partners and increasing its network

Increase awareness and understanding of PCOR efforts and results across PCPCC’s network:

  • Conduct a program of education, communication, and sharing of PCOR tools and resources

Increase timeliness and uptake of PCOR research outcomes by strengthening PCPCC’s infrastructure for disseminating PCOR results:

  • Develop methods for identifying PCOR/CER study results most relevant to PCPCC’s network
  • Enhance PCPCC website and evidence library
  • Perform interim and end-of-project evaluations for determining the effectiveness of methods used and for immediate revisions in this pilot program to ensure the model’s sustainability

PCPCC will invite patients/consumers to directly participate in this effort, and will convene a 10-member PCOR advisory council to provide overall project direction and guidance; members will be full collaborators on this initiative, deciding and acting together with PCPCC staff, with a plan to reach joint decisions and direct major project activities. PCPCC will also offer monthly educational sessions to spread information, including opportunities to participate in PCOR initiatives, and how PCOR and CER results may be used to impact practice and policy change. PCPCC will communicate its work and engage stakeholders through its annual conference, and will actively seek out other methods for engaging stakeholders and communicating its work, including journal publication.

Project collaborators include national organizations representing clinicians, employers, and consumers and patients:
American College of Physicians (ACP); American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP); National Business Group on Health (NBGH); and the Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care (IPFCC).

Project Information

Merilyn Francis, BSN, MPP
Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative

Key Dates

February 2020


Project Status
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