Project Summary

The PCORI Health Care Horizon Scanning System (HCHSS) conducts horizon scanning of new and emerging health care technologies and innovations with high potential for disruption to the current standard of care to better inform patient-centered outcomes research investments at PCORI.

The HCHSS provides PCORI with a systematic process to identify and monitor technologies and innovations in health care that are in PCORI’s priority areas of interest and to create an inventory of interventions that have the highest potential for disruption to the current standard of care in terms of patient outcomes, health disparities, care delivery, infrastructure, access, and/or costs.

It will also be a tool for the public to identify information on selected new health care technologies and interventions. Any investigator or funder of research will be able to use the PCORI HCHSS to help select research topics.

The health care technologies and innovations of interest for horizon scanning are those that have yet to become part of established health care practices. These interventions are in late stages of research and development or very early phases of adoption, except in the case of new applications of already-diffused technologies.

Consistent with the definitions of health care interventions provided by the National Academy of Medicine and the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research, PCORI is interested—at the outset of this project—primarily in innovations in drugs and biologics, medical devices, and procedures within its selected priority areas of interest for horizon scanning.

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Last updated: February 6, 2024