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Since 1999, AccessHealth Columbus DBA the Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus (HCGC) has existed in the belief that all people in the Columbus region should have the best healthcare experience possible. Health care that is high-quality, well-coordinated, and affordable takes many partners working together. As a not-for-profit nongovernmental organization with strong, diverse board leaders, HCGC is able to bring public and private healthcare providers, payers, and patients together to learn and share information around best practices, the latest research, and lessons learned. The organization’s trusted, nimble staff of five and group of highly skilled consultants support this learning and knowledge sharing with collaborative learning groups, strategic consulting/facilitation, quality and transparent data reporting, and shared tools and technology. Ultimately, the team helps improve the way healthcare providers deliver care to patients, which results in a better overall healthcare experience. HCGC is an affiliate member of the Columbus Medical Association (CMA), proud member of the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI), a national organization representing more than 30 Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives (RHICs) across the country. Like other RHICs, HCGC is best described as a nonprofit backbone organization in a regional collective impact model. The project team’s proposed solution is to identify relevancy and match research results offered by PCORI with HCGC’s diverse partners, create dissemination pathways (a HUB model for dissemination) based on these matches and, where applicable, demonstrate/package how PCORI dissemination is maximized via an RHIC. HCGC currently hosts 20 regional face-to-face convenings open to the entire community; quarterly individual PFAC face-to-face meetings at each of 38 practices and four learning groups annually; quarterly Quality Improvement and Transparency Learning Group meetings; monthly CMA meetings specifically for physicians leading quality improvement efforts; and quarterly HCGC board meetings for PCORI Dissemination Project updates and research dissemination to engage stakeholders. HCGC already distributes monthly regional e-newsletters to nearly 3,000 individuals, engages via social media and web-connection platform HealthDoers, which can be utilized as dissemination vehicles. With current staff and a new consultant engaged in dissemination, the scope of this proposed project is to take this HCGC regional healthcare improvement network set of audiences and tools and apply/infuse/disseminate PCORI research to three key dissemination focus areas that the team believes meet PCORI dissemination priorities of increasing the reach of PCORI evidence as well as motivation and ability to use PCORI research. The project team will then package this pathways model for use in similar organizations. For more information on the team’s diverse stakeholders, as well as the board of directors, please visit

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Carrie Baker, BA
Access Health Columbus DBA The Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus

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24 months


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Last updated: November 30, 2022