Project Summary

Background: Adolescents have healthcare needs and developmental characteristics that differ from other age groups, are the most likely to be uninsured, and are least likely to access primary health care compared to other age groups. Additionally, rural living is associated with a number of increased risks for adolescents. While healthcare providers and staff have the opportunity to play a critical role in the health and development of their adolescent patients, very few feel adequately trained or equipped to provide comprehensive care.

Proposed Solution to the Problem: Adolescent Health Initiative (AHI) will host the 2020 Conference on Adolescent Health: Translating Research into Practice, reaching a broad audience of adolescent health professionals, delivering new focus areas on meeting the needs of adolescents in rural communities, and providing new opportunities for youth-led training opportunities for effective youth-adult partnerships in disseminating patient-centered outcomes research.


  • Disseminate adolescent patient-centered outcomes research to large audience of multidisciplinary health providers on topics including primary care, mental health, sexual health, and youth engagement.
  • Deliver in-person and live virtual workshops on Providing Adolescent-Centered Care to Youth in Rural and Underserved Communities.
  • Deliver professional development on effective presentations, skill-building, and career development to youth at preconference session.
  • Pilot interactive Youth/Adult Co-Planning Module with youth and adults at preconference session and subsequent virtual training session.


  • Disseminate adolescent patient-centered outcomes research to a national audience of multidisciplinary health providers at the 2020 Conference on Adolescent Health.
  • Develop in-person workshops and virtual training session on serving adolescents in rural communities.
  • Model effective youth-adult partnerships through co-facilitated conference workshops and virtual training session on youth-adult partnerships in research presentations and dissemination.

Outcomes and Outputs:

  • Reach a large, multidisciplinary audience of adolescent health providers, researchers, and stakeholders.
  • Execute a professional conference disseminating high-integrity information and innovative patient-centered research to a broad audience.
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for youth collaboration in conference sessions, presentations, and exhibitor opportunities.
  • Influence conference attendees’ future research and practice in adolescent health care.
  • Engage providers in live and virtual discussion on Providing Adolescent-Centered Care to Youth in Rural and Underserved Communities.
  • Develop, host, and disseminate Youth/Adult Co-Planning Module training.

Patient and Stakeholder Engagement Plan: Stakeholders from AHI’s steering, conference planning committee, and teen advisory council are engaged in the Conference on Adolescent Health from beginning to end through planning, recruiting speakers, reviewing research poster abstract submissions, coaching and coordinating youth-adult facilitation teams, designing evaluation tools, reviewing evaluation data, and disseminating results.

Project Collaborators: Project collaborators include Michigan Medicine, the Michigan Chapter of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine (MI-SAHM), AHI’s teen advisory council, and AHI’s steering and conference planning committees.

Project Information

Ellen Wagner, MPH, MS
University of Michigan Health System

Key Dates

December 2021


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Last updated: April 8, 2024