Project Summary

Background: Determining and prioritizing the “highest value” care is a growing imperative in the US healthcare marketplace, where innovation presents promising new therapies and interventions, and where resources seem to be stretched like never before. Against this strong demand for answers is the recognition that consensus does not yet exist about the definition of value and the best methods available to give all stakeholders the confidence in both established and newer value assessment frameworks. The current value assessment field can benefit from well-considered, consensus-driven methods for incorporating patient preference, patient experience and outcomes, and comparative effectiveness results into the assessment of value.
Proposed Solution: The Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI) Foundation proposes to convene a multi-stakeholder forum in the Washington, DC area in February 2020. Such a meeting would bring together representatives of stakeholder groups and methods experts for a full-day summit to consider current pain points and research gaps related to value assessment methods and to evaluate solutions and the roles that cross-sector stakeholders can play in advancing improvement that benefits the discussion of value.
Project Aims:
  • Define current gaps and review established and emerging approaches to improve methods for value assessment
  • Identify and prioritize potential areas for research investment and collaborative solutions
  • Develop consensus expectations for improving methods that represent patient preferences, patient outcomes, and learning/evidence gained from comparative effectiveness research
The long-term objective is to build a bold agenda for research and methods improvement that is supported by stakeholders and will drive efforts and address gaps in current methods and evidence.
Outcomes: IVI’s principal goal is to define areas of consensus about methods improvement in value assessment and to accelerate a research and practice agenda to address those needs. Such an endeavor is vital to establishing transparency and trust in the value assessment dialogue, advancing methods that reflect patient input and patient heterogeneity and maximize the opportunity for insights about value that are relevant to real-world experience.
Patient and Stakeholder Engagement: IVI seeks to include a broad coalition of representative stakeholders in planning and execution of a meeting on methods improvement in value assessment. The working group will be comprised of thought leaders and researchers and play a critical role in acting as a conduit of information and identification of patients and other stakeholders that can best represent the perspectives sought for this dialogue.
Project Collaborators: The IVI Foundation was created to raise the level of discussion regarding value in health care and find common ground in the approach to measuring value. The US health system is diverse, complex, and ripe for innovation. IVI brings together healthcare leaders from academia, patient advocacy organizations, payers, life sciences companies, providers, delivery systems, and patient communities to advance approaches to value that fit the American context. IVI will lead this initiative to convene and foster collaborative dialogue with experts and stakeholders in the field. 

Project Information

Jennifer Bright, MPA
Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI) Foundation

Key Dates

12 months


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Last updated: November 30, 2022