Project Summary

Involvement of patients in the research process in a meaningful and comprehensive way through engagement is essential to translating the best evidence into clinical practice with the ultimate outcome of improving the health of a population.

NAPCRG, an association of members committed to producing and disseminating new knowledge relevant to primary care, has been a leader in community-engaged research, and has held multiple conferences on patient engagement. In 2014, under a previously funded and highly successful Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award, NAPCRG implemented the Patient and Clinician Engagement (PaCE) program within the organization. The mission of PaCE is to develop a robust community of patients, researchers, and primary care providers with knowledge and understanding of the unique features of patient-centered outcomes research related to primary care. To date, over 200 people have been through the PaCE training.

This experience for the PaCE members has set them up as not only a recognizable force within NAPCRG, but has also given them the capability to now move beyond a peripheral role to a central, leadership role at the 2019 NAPCRG Annual Meeting that will be held in Toronto, Ontario, November 16-20. The NAPCRG Annual Meeting is the largest primary care research meeting of its kind. More than 1,000 attendees from around the world meet for five days to experience over 800 research sessions including oral presentations, workshops, forums, and posters.

This project, Setting the PaCE, will enable NAPCRG to provide funding for 20 PaCE members to attend the meeting. Working closely with the NAPCRG program committee, PaCE will plan, host, and lead special patient engagement sessions and activities throughout the annual meeting.

Due to the success of the PaCE program in previous years, the ultimate goal of this program is not only to continue to support and grow the PaCE program, but to broaden the community and impact through enhanced dissemination of PCOR-related activities during the 2019 NAPCRG Annual Meeting. NAPCRG’s cadre of engaged stakeholders trained through PaCE is experienced and eager to disseminate their knowledge, skills, and tools, and has proven to be an encouraging factor in the continuation of patient involvement in research and researcher knowledge of engagement. By leading essential sessions during the 2019 NAPCRG Annual Meeting, the team hopes to reach all those who attend the meeting, around 1,200 attendees. Additionally, with the increased exposure of the PaCE program and its services to the meeting attendees, the team expects to have more opportunities arise for collaborations outside of the annual meeting through dissemination of results and summaries of this project.

PaCE leadership has included patients, researchers, and clinicians from the beginning, thereby making their roles in the program significant. The Setting the PaCE activities at NAPCRG 2019 will be led by a select group of PaCE members, who have shown leadership and initiative in engagement activities in NAPCRG as well as other organizations and their communities. Not only will these participants be actively involved in the planning and content of this conference, they will also be engaged as leaders and partners in the dissemination of knowledge and skills during the Setting the PaCE conference.

Project Information

John Westfall, MD, MPH
North American Primary Care Research Group

Key Dates

18 months


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Last updated: November 10, 2022