Project Summary

Background: Hispanics in Northeast Florida experience disproportionate barriers to accessing high-quality, patient-centered mental health care due to a number of factors including language discordance, organizational cultural competency, inefficient care processes, and perceived discrimination. Community Behavioral Health Organizations Serving Latinos (CBHOSLs) in this region would benefit from additional support and capacity-building efforts to improve their delivery of culturally relevant care and diminish risk for burnout. Models exist for effective, patient-centered care for Hispanic/Latinx behavioral health populations, but silos often prevent the dissemination of this knowledge.

Proposed Solution: The project team will partner with a PCORI-funded organization, El Futuro, Inc. located in Durham, North Carolina. The organization has an existing patient-centered care model for Hispanic behavioral health patients and has developed a PCOR online resource for supporting CBHOSLs interested in building capacity for PCOR and engaging with patients and other stakeholders to address mental health outcomes. The project team’s Hispanic Outreach & Patient Engagement en Español Advisory Board (HOPE2-Mental Health) will partner with five CBHOSLs and five Hispanic faith-based organizations to leverage the El Futuro toolkit to educate and encourage uptake of PCOR focused on addressing mental health for Hispanic patients. The team will also facilitate engagement among the CBHOSLs through participation in an online engagement platform, La Mesita.

Objectives: To develop a Hispanic-focused PCOR advisory board and identify a core group of CBHOSLs and FBOs in the region committed to engaging with the El Futuro toolkit to build capacity for PCOR focused on mental health.

Activities: The team will engage with CBHOSLs and FBOs using the El Futuro toolkit through a series of meetings and educational events known as “charlas,” which is Spanish for “chats.” The team will additionally facilitate engagement in an online learning platform, La Mesita, for participating CBHOSLs. The team will connect in person with staff at El Futuro.

Outcomes: The team will establish a Hispanic PCOR advisory board focused on mental health outcomes and establish a core of CBHOSLs and FBOs in the Northeast Florida region with expertise in PCOR and use of the El Futuro online toolkit. The team will evaluate the impact of an online engagement platform for CBHOSLs, La Mesita, on overall uptake of PCOR and organizational readiness for PCOR/CER activities.

Patient and Stakeholder Engagement Plan: The project team will work with its newly established HOPE2-Mental Health Advisory Board and CBHOSLs monthly to plan and execute the objectives. The partnering FBO leaders will administrate and lead the interactive, educational “charlas.” The team will partner with media outlets to engage the community through various proven communication outlets (TV, radio, newspaper, word of mouth, social media).

Project Collaborators: The project team will work with El Futuro, Inc. in Durham, North Carolina.

Project Information

Richard White III, MD, MS, BS
Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Key Dates

14 months


Project Status
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Last updated: November 10, 2022