Project Summary

Background: Questions asked during a Detroit community forum suggested evidence-based information about COVID-19 was not reaching the community. Identifying solutions for effectively disseminating COVID-19 research to the community is imperative to reducing the spread of the coronavirus. Community engagement in this process is essential to ensure messages and resources are evidence-based, address community priorities, are written in locally relevant language, and are effectively disseminated.

Solution: Brilliant Detroit is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building “kid success” neighborhoods by providing proven programming to families of children 0-8 so they are school-ready, healthy, and stable. The awardee will partner with Brilliant Detroit to build community capacity for COVID-19 PCOR/CER and a model for community-based dissemination and implementation of evidence-based health information.

Objectives: The long-term objective is to create a thriving community-academic partnership actively engaged in disseminating and conducting PCOR/CER. The purpose of this project is to develop the infrastructure necessary to achieve this goal. The specific aims are:

  • Increase community stakeholder capacity for COVID-19 PCOR/CER
  • Create infrastructure for disseminating/implementing COVID-19 PCOR/CER results
  • Build community-stakeholder-academic partnerships

The aims will be completed via the following objectives:

  • Adapt Boot Camp Translation (BCT) for rapid and virtual implementation
  • Establish a COVID-19 community action council (C-CAC)
  • Create a brief COVID-19 capacity-building training
  • Develop infrastructure for community-based dissemination/implementation of COVID-19 research
  • Identify COVID-19 PCOR/CER questions
  • Develop and disseminate a formal report on project outcomes


  • Establish the C-CAC
  • Adapt BCT for rapid delivery (R-BCT)
  • Create a brief COVID-19 capacity-building curriculum
  • Train a community member in R-BCT co-facilitation
  • Identify community COVID-19 priority areas, gaps in the COVID-19 research, and future PCOR/CER questions
  • Implement the community-based COVID-19 Information sharing system
  • Develop/disseminate a formal report on project outcomes

Outcomes and Outputs:

  • BCT adapted for rapid delivery
  • Strengthen community capacity for COVID-19 research through establishing the C-CAC and developing a brief COVID-19 capacity-building training
  • Establish new community-academic partnerships that can facilitate future PCOR/CER
  • Create a model for community-based dissemination of evidence-based health information to ensure critical health messaging and resources reach the community in a timely and locally relevant manner

Patient and Stakeholder Engagement Plan:

  • Brilliant Detroit will identify community members to serve on the C-CAC, which will be co-led by a Brilliant Detroit staff member.
  • C-CAC members will receive the COVID-19 capacity-building curriculum, define community COVID-19 priority areas, and identify gaps in the literature that inform future PCOR/CER.
  • C-CAC members will complete R-BCTs to develop locally relevant messages and resources that share evidence-based information about COVID-19 with the community.
  • C-CAC members and Brilliant Detroit will help develop/disseminate the final report of the project outcomes.
  • Community-stakeholder-researcher interactions will occur throughout the award period to facilitate future PCOR/CER.

Project Information

Elizabeth Towner, PhD, MS
Wayne State University

Key Dates

July 2021


Project Status
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Last updated: April 8, 2024