Project Summary

PCORI is commissioning an interactive evidence map on the topic of social needs interventions that measure health outcomes. Social needs interventions arose as a topic of interest from a 2019 PCORI call for evidence synthesis topic nominations.

Social needs interventions focus on an individual’s immediate nonmedical needs not traditionally attended to by the medical system. Locating high-quality evidence on interventions addressing social needs is time consuming, making it difficult for communities, health systems, purchasers, payers, and other stakeholders to know which interventions work for which populations.

The goal of the evidence map is to develop an interactive and easily accessible visual product that identifies and describes primary research on social needs interventions. Data to be included in the map are directionality of study findings, study quality, important population and study characteristics, and health outcomes.

Evidence Map and Evidence Visualization

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Project Information

Meera Viswanathan, PhD, and Maureen Avakian
RTI International and MDB, Inc.

Key Dates

10 months
February 2021


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Last updated: November 23, 2021