Project Summary

HCGC is best described as a nonprofit backbone organization in a regional collective impact model. HCGC is a different organization because it is a neutral, safe-space nonprofit in the region. The project team believes that the best health care cannot be delivered in isolation—it takes many partners working collaboratively together. The way HCGC improves the quality, delivery, and affordability of health care and the overall health of people is by bringing public and private providers, payers, purchasers, and consumers together to learn and share information around innovative best practices, the latest research and policies, and lessons learned for patient and provider impact. HCGC supports learning and knowledge sharing through collaborative learning groups, large regional learning sessions, strategic consulting/facilitation, quality and transparent data reporting, and shared tools and technology. By partnering directly with physicians and other healthcare providers, HCGC helps foster greater awareness, trust, and collaboration between diverse groups of healthcare providers. Ultimately, HCGC helps improve the way healthcare providers deliver care to patients. The idea of a nonprofit, nongovernment entity dedicated to collaborative improvement via PCORI dissemination has proven very successful in the Columbus, Ohio region. Building from this, HCGC believes it can have even deeper impact by convening a statewide research symposium with researchers, PCORI Ambassadors, policy makers, and HCGC’s multi-stakeholder partners including patients and families, to further discuss, spread, and relate to PCOR efforts and PCORI. Face-to-face interaction on research has been requested based on the team’s dissemination efforts; without this additional funding, HCGC could not bring this idea to fruition. The objectives for this research symposium (slightly different than objectives listed above) are to bring together multiple health and healthcare stakeholders from across Ohio to:

  • Share/learn about PCOR statewide
  • Showcase PCORI portfolio of work
  • Make meaningful connections for cross-sector collaboration
  • Share experiences in making PCOR actionable with a variety of populations

The team’s outputs will be to develop and confirm a research symposium agenda, host the event, and evaluate from attendees if the above objectives were met. Activities will be to serve as the research symposium event coordinator and marketer, ensure the patient voice is captured by leveraging 36 PFACs, and facilitate incredible learning.

Project Information

Carrie Baker, BA
The Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus

Key Dates

June 2021


Project Status
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Last updated: April 8, 2024