Project Summary

Background: There is a lack of patient-centered outcomes research/comparative clinical effectiveness research (PCOR/CER) on communication disability for Hispanic/Latinx communities. This results in health disparities, untreated health conditions, and misdiagnosis, each having potential negative consequences.

Proposed Solution to the Problem: The project seeks to enhance the capability of research teams in conducting culturally responsive and effective PCOR through developing a training blueprint from authentic community engagement during three virtual stakeholder convenings called the LIDERES Institute: Leaders in Designing Equitable Research Engagement through Servingness. These convenings, hosted by the University of Arizona and Mariposa Community Health Center, will invite stakeholders from across the country.


  1. Identification of the qualifications that Hispanic Serving Institutions have in addressing this gap in the PCOR/CER evidence base related to communication disability for Hispanic/Latinx communities
  2. Recognition of community strengths and cultural capital of the Hispanic/Latinx community that contribute to rigorous, efficacious, and meaningful PCOR/CER that will help patients to make informed health decisions
  3. Identification of facilitators of affirming and reciprocal academic/research/community partnerships
  4. Description of important concepts and themes that should be considered for the training program

Activities: Project activities will include engagement with community partners through the planning, development, execution, and reporting on the project. The project team will conduct three virtual convenings to discuss the topic of training research teams in PCOR with a servingness approach.

Projected Outcomes and Outputs: 

During the PCORI-funded project period (short-term) the project team will create a training blueprint that identifies training themes to support enacting PCOR/CER to benefit the Hispanic/Latinx community with a servingness approach and identify key stakeholders who can build a community of practice around PCOR/CER in the area of communication disability.

In the medium-term (zero-two years post-project period), the team aims to inspire capacity building initiatives, strengthen partnerships, and deepen engagement relationships.

In the long-term (three of more years post-project period), the project team hopes to achieve increased culturally responsive PCOR/CER with engagement through a servingness approach for Hispanic/Latinx communities. Intended outputs and deliverables include: three convening agendas, a summary in Spanish & English, and a training blueprint that includes next steps for training implementation on PCOR/CER in the area of communication disability.

Patient and Stakeholder Engagement Plan: During the three convenings the project team will exchange learnings to enhance the research process. This project seeks to engage Hispanic/Latinx individuals living with communication disability/or family members, college students, or investigators of who are of diverse backgrounds and may expand workforce diversity, or research teams with successful experience in community-based research methods, especially those from Hispanic Serving Institutions.

Project Collaborators: University of Arizona: Aileen Wong, AuD, Nicole Marrone, PhD, Marla Franco, PhD, & Judy Marquez Kiyama, PhD. Mariposa Community Health Center: Patty Molina, Senior Director of Community Health Services and Cecilia Navarro, Community Health Worker. University of Miami: David Lee, PhD.

Project Information

Aileen Wong, AuD
Nicole Marrone, PhD
Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of the University of Arizona

Key Dates

12 months


Project Status
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Last updated: February 2, 2023