Project Summary

This Capacity Building Project will prepare Geisinger for the successful conduct of implementation projects under HSII. Included in this project will be the Steele Institute for Innovation, which houses Geisinger’s analytics and informatics teams. Additionally, the Division of Quality and Safety will be critical, which includes their optimization consultants who bring expertise in managing change as well as patient safety and regulatory requirements. Geisinger’s Research Institute is also a key stakeholder to further position them to learn and share how to implement change and applying those lessons to future improvement work. Each of these will be critical throughout Geisinger’s participation in HSII, including during the proposed Capacity Building Project.

Key activities include developing the framework for the Intake and Response to future PCORI initiatives, performing an organizational readiness assessment and laying the groundwork for successful implementation and sustainment. These activities will be critical to transitioning the Capacity Building Team to a steering committee, as well as for refining processes, policies and governance needed to support successful participation in HSII. Geisinger has identified the existing personnel to lead the capacity building and also plans to hire a Staff Scientist, who will be key to the Capacity Building Project as well as future HSII implementation projects.

Health System Name

  • Geisinger Clinic

Principal Investigator(s)

  • Keith Boell, DO, Chief Quality Officer, Population Initiatives
  • H. Lester Kirchner, PhD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Population Health Sciences

About HSII Capacity Building Projects
Funding for HSII Capacity Building Projects was the first funding opportunity available under HSII, to support HSII Participants’ efforts to prepare for successful implementation and program evaluation as part of HSII Implementation Projects. Through HSII, HSII Participants will undertake implementation projects to actively advance the adoption of new evidence, drawn from PCORI-funded research, into their care delivery settings.

Project Information

Geisinger Clinic

Key Dates

June 2023
December 2024
Last updated: June 27, 2023