Project Summary

Background: The Chinese-speaking population in the United States experiences a high and disproportionate vascular disease burden. Data reveal this patient group is rarely exposed to engagement opportunities. The older, Chinese-speaking immigrant population faces specific challenges due to social isolation, language barriers and a lack of attention to this specific minoritized population in traditional health equity and engagement efforts. 

Proposed Solution: The Foundation to Advance Vascular Cures and partner organizations in Northern and Southern California are addressing low levels of engagement of Chinese-speaking populations with vascular conditions in comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER). By addressing this gap, the team – led by a patient with lived experience of vascular disease –brings the perspectives, experiences and priorities of an underserved, under-researched population to the attention of major research and care stakeholders, to improve vascular health for this population and others that share similar traits and are underrepresented in patient-centered CER.

Objectives: The project’s first aim is conducting a landscape analysis on the state of patient-centered CER capacity in these communities and forming a diverse grassroots network of these patients to build patient-centered CER capacity. Next, the project team is co-developing learning and engagement tools with patients, such as health and research literacy materials. Then they are facilitating targeted dissemination of tools to members of these populations via patient-led empowerment sessions, which focus on defining and understanding patient-centered CER, and on methods for engaging in patient-centered CER. Finally, the project team is creating guides for scaling this model to enhance patient-centered CER engagement in underserved and underrepresented communities that share characteristics with Chinese-speaking populations.

Activities: Project activities include formation and regular convening of a Steering Committee, Advisory Committee, and Patient Leadership Committee; a mixed methods landscape analysis; development and dissemination of patient education and empowerment materials in Chinese-language dialects; the facilitation of patient-led, patient-centered CER empowerment sessions; data analysis to support further tailoring of materials and strategies for this project; and the drafting of a white paper and guides on scaling solutions to other similarly situated communities. The final activities focus on sustaining capacity-building, including planning and designing long-term dissemination techniques and mechanisms that reach identified populations.

Outcomes and Outputs: 

Short-term goals (during the project period) are to overcome barriers identified in the landscape analysis and enhance access to the resources developed with patients. 

Medium-term goals (0-2 years post-project period) are further development and adaptation of tools created through this work to promote and facilitate further patient-centered CER engagement among Chinese and similarly situated communities. 

Long-term outcomes (3+ years post-project period) are further advancement of patient-centered CER in isolated, underserved communities which require specific, highly tailored strategies and materials.

Patient and Stakeholder Engagement Plan: Patients are involved in all steps of this work: identifying this need, developing the proposal and leading this work. The operational team and the Steering and Advisory Committees include patient representatives as well as research and care representatives. The Patient Leadership Committee is comprised of Chinese American patients from Northern and Southern California. 

Project Collaborators: Other stakeholders involved in this work include University of California San Francisco, University of Southern California, Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare, San Francisco Chinese Hospital, and local Chinese community organizations, who are all involved in project planning, implementation and evaluation.

Project Information

Steve Hamburger
Foundation to Advance Vascular Cures

Key Dates

December 2025


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