Project Summary

The goal of this Capacity Building Project is to implement Lean Daily Management Systems focusing on daily huddles in inpatient units and primary care clinics throughout the University of Missouri Health Care System (UMHCS). This will increase the system’s organizational readiness for change by ensuring well-functioning communication from the frontlines to senior leadership within the health system. Functional, rapid communication from frontline to leadership and back to the frontlines will allow monitoring of progress as UMHCS implements evidence-based practices, including those selected by PCORI for the Health Systems Implementation Initiative. The activities occurring during this project will include:

  • Bringing on board the staff needed to support Daily Management System (DMS) implementation and prepare training materials, particularly the online modules designed for frontline staff.
  • Supporting ongoing inpatient DMS implementation by training personnel through in-person (managers and supervisors) and online training (frontline staff).
  • Conducting DMS implementation in primary care clinics across both urban and rural locations.
  • Continuing support of DMS implementation throughout the health system, focusing on evaluating outcomes and assessing capacity for Implementation Projects.

This work will be completed across inpatient units in the four inpatient hospitals in the UMHCS, and in all Family Medicine clinics in both urban and rural locations.

These activities will improve communication about quality and safety across the health system and allow more rapid implementation of evidence-based practices. UMHCS is proposing a rigorous evaluation which will provide information about the social structure of units within the health system, which will allow identification of informal leaders who can support implementation activities, as well as in-depth information about effects of these activities on the system. The evaluation UMHCS will conduct will spread learning about evaluation methods for implementation across the data analytics components of the system.

Health System Name

  • The University of Missouri Health Care System

Principal Investigator(s)

  • Stevan Whitt, MD, Chief Clinical Officer and Chief Quality Officer
  • Shanon Fucik, EMBA, Chief Nursing Officer

About HSII Capacity Building Projects
Funding for HSII Capacity Building Projects was the first funding opportunity available under HSII, to support HSII Participants’ efforts to prepare for successful implementation and program evaluation as part of HSII Implementation Projects. Through HSII, HSII Participants will undertake implementation projects to actively advance the adoption of new evidence, drawn from PCORI-funded research, into their care delivery settings.

Project Information

The University of Missouri Health Care System

Key Dates

June 2023
December 2024
Last updated: July 5, 2023