Project Summary

The overarching goal of this project, and a UPMC priority for building capacity to participate in future HSII Implementation Projects, is to develop a standard, system-wide approach for the design, evaluation and scaling of these efforts that leads to widespread improvements in individual and population health outcomes as well as advancements in health equity within and across the communities UPMC serves.

To achieve this goal, UPMC proposes to undertake two activities that will prepare and support UPMC clinical and operational teams to effectively implement projects and conduct required program evaluation under HSII within the context of the Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance (RE-AIM) framework. Building on UPMC’s previous and ongoing efforts to successfully promote evidence-based practice changes, UPMC will conduct an organizational readiness assessment organized around the RE-AIM framework to provide new and actionable information about UPMC’s current state and preparedness for future HSII implementation and evaluation activities. This information will then be used to develop an agile implementation template that incorporates promising methods and strategies aligned with RE-AIM and related training tools to provide cross-cutting system-wide support for future HSII implementation and evaluation efforts. UPMC will also enhance UPMC’s existing data/IT systems and analytics infrastructure to ensure the availability and usability of the full range of information required for implementing and evaluating evidence-based interventions within the RE-AIM framework.

This work will be conducted by operational entities with responsibility for providing UPMC implementation teams with support around stakeholder engagement, system connection, data/analytics infrastructure, improvement cycles, evaluation and sustainability. Completion of these activities will enable UPMC to attain long-term sustainability of evidence-based interventions by addressing costs, resources and capacity of participating stakeholders; the changing real-world context and culture in which evidence-based practices are implemented; and important health equity considerations, including social determinants of health, at individual and community levels.

Health System Name

  • UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center)

Principal Investigator(s)

  • Diane Holder, MSW, Executive Vice President, UPMC; President UPMC Insurance Services Division, and President & Chief Executive Officer UPMC Health Plan

About HSII Capacity Building Projects
Funding for HSII Capacity Building Projects was the first funding opportunity available under HSII, to support HSII Participants’ efforts to prepare for successful implementation and program evaluation as part of HSII Implementation Projects. Through HSII, HSII Participants will undertake implementation projects to actively advance the adoption of new evidence, drawn from PCORI-funded research, into their care delivery settings.

Project Information

UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center)

Key Dates

June 2023
January 2025
Last updated: July 5, 2023