Project Summary

To enhance its readiness and capacity to review and implement PCORI projects, WellSpan Health (WSH) plans to develop a HSII committee of key stakeholders in WSH to develop data, process, review and support implementation as awarded. This committee will work with WSH’s current organizational committees (e.g., Health Equity, Service Lines).

To complement the team, a quality program manager will be hired to focus on the project management, communication and data requirements for PCORI HSII Implementation Projects. In addition to the committee, enhancements in data analytics will be implemented in WSH’s Analytic Center of Excellence. A Cogito analyst will be hired and dedicated to the integration of the analytical and data requirements for HSII activities, working closely with the HSII Committee and quality program manager.

Under the leadership of the HSII project lead and Capacity Building Project principal investigator, the senior vice president and chief quality officer, and the vice president of quality and patient safety, these focused activities and new staff will position WSH to be prepared to identify meaningful programs that will impact the communities they serve.

Health System Name

  • WellSpan Health

Principal Investigator(s)

  • Michael Seim, MD, BS, Senior Vice President and Chief Quality Officer

About HSII Capacity Building Projects
Funding for HSII Capacity Building Projects was the first funding opportunity available under HSII, to support HSII Participants’ efforts to prepare for successful implementation and program evaluation as part of HSII Implementation Projects. Through HSII, HSII Participants will undertake implementation projects to actively advance the adoption of new evidence, drawn from PCORI-funded research, into their care delivery settings.

Project Information

WellSpan Health

Key Dates

June 2023
December 2024
Last updated: July 5, 2023