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Project Title Project Status State Project Type
University of California, Irvine
Sherrie H. Kaplan, PhD, MPH
Awarded; Contract pending California Implementation of PCORI-Funded PCOR Results (Limited Competition Project)
National Health Council
Eleanor Perfetto, MS, PhD
Awarded; In progress District of Columbia Engagement Award Project
City of Hope Beckman Research Institute
Kimlin Tam Ashing, PhD
Awarded; In progress California Engagement Award Project
University of Arizona
Nicole Marrone, PhD
Awarded; In progress Arizona Engagement Award Project
The Ohio State University
Jennifer Bogner, PhD
Awarded; In progress Ohio Engagement Award Project, Dissemination Project
Kalispell Regional Medical Center
Lesly Starling, BA, BSN
Awarded; In progress Montana Engagement Award Project
Parkinson's Foundation
Karlin Schroeder, MA
Awarded; In progress Florida Engagement Award Project
The University of Southern Mississippi
Jennifer Lemacks, PhD
Awarded; In progress Mississippi Engagement Award Project
West Virginia University Research Corporation
Ranjita Misra, PhD
Awarded; In progress West Virginia Engagement Award Project
NEC Society
Jennifer Canvasser, MSW
Awarded; In progress California Engagement Award Project