About the Website

What is included on the website?

This multi-media website is organized into two sections – Engaging Stakeholders and Working as a Team. Each section includes three learning areas with information and resources for you to learn new concepts and skills and obtain practical guidance from multi-stakeholder research teams. The website includes a User Guide that lists the sections, learning areas, and learning resources.

In the Engaging Stakeholders section, the three learning areas are:

  • Inclusion: The Starting Point for Effective Teams
  • Best Practices in Engaging Stakeholders
  • Addressing Contextual Challenges to Engagement

In the Working as a Team section, the three learning areas are:

  • Best Practices in Multi-Stakeholder Team Science
  • Leading and Contributing to Team Decisions
  • Solving Challenges and Barriers to Teamwork

What types of learning resources are included on the website?

There are more than 50 evidence-based learning resources to help you learn new concepts and practice new skills. You can access and use the learning resources as many times as you would like. The learning resources include:

  • Tip Sheets with suggested strategies or activities to implement a practice
  • Checklists to remind you about steps in a process or practices to keep in mind
  • Activity Guides with Worksheets that walk teams through an activity by providing instructions and questions to discuss or tasks to achieve
  • Quotes from Researchers and Stakeholders that provide practical guidance on why and/or how to implement a practice based on their own experiences
  • Further Reading Lists with links to publicly available resources on a topic
  • Audio Interviews with researchers and stakeholders sharing practical guidance on a topic based on their own experiences
  • Scenarios to learn about and practice a new skill using realistic situations and decisions that teams may face
  • Videos that explain why and/or how to implement a practice or skill  

The types of learning resources vary by topic and can be found at the bottom of each topic page (see the example below, from the Inclusion: The Starting Point for Effective Teams learning area).


Why did PCORI develop this website?

PCORI developed this website, in partnership with a Stakeholder Advisory Group, to help research teams work together successfully on patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) studies. PCORI designed this website to help stakeholders and researchers understand new concepts and build skills related to engaging stakeholders and working as a team.

Who is this website designed for?

This website is for both new and experienced researchers and stakeholders with different backgrounds and experiences. Whether you are new to multi-stakeholder research teams or want to enhance your knowledge and skills, there is something here for you. This website was designed to help:

  • New and experienced clinical researchers working with stakeholder partners
  • Stakeholders and community partners working with academic and clinical researchers
  • Organizers and coordinators who form or maintain a research team or manage any of the team’s activities or tasks
  • Others who are interested in learning more about how to engage stakeholders and work on diverse teams

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Accessing the Website

What is the best way to access the website?

You can access the website in any browser, but we recommend using the most recent versions of Google Chrome or Firefox. The homepage for the website is: www.pcori.org/research-teams.

Can I access the website from my phone or tablet?

Yes. The website can be accessed from your smartphone or a tablet.

Will I need a password to access the website?

No. You do not need to register, create an account, or use a password to use any part of the website.

How much does it cost to access the website and learning resources?

The website and all learning resources are free to anyone.

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Using the Website

Do I need to be part of a PCORI-funded study to use this website?

No. The website is available to anyone who would like to learn more about multi-stakeholder research teams, regardless of whether you are part of a PCORI-funded study or not.

Are members of PCORI-funded studies required to use the information and/or learning resources on this website?

No. PCORI does not require PCORI-funded teams – or those applying for PCORI funding – to use the website content or learning resources . The website is available to help stakeholders and researchers work together successfully on a research study.

How should I get started using the website?

You can start exploring the website by reviewing topic(s) that interest you. If you are unsure where to start, read through the User Guide. The User Guide is a PDF that lists all sections, learning areas, and learning resources by title and type.

How should I use the website and learning resources?

  • Take it one step at a time. Within each section – Engaging Stakeholders and Working as a Team – the content is broken up into learning areas and topics. If you have limited time, you can select a specific area or topic to focus on. Or, if you have more time, you can explore multiple topics at once.
  • Read the web page content before diving into the related learning resources. Each learning area begins with a general introduction to the content. Reading this content first provides important context that will help you understand and use the learning resources.
  • Consider whether a learning resource is best used alone or with other team members. You can use most of these learning resources on your own, or you can discuss them with your team members in small groups or during a team meeting. The Activity Guides with Worksheets are best done as an entire team.
  • Practice what you learn. All the information and learning resources are designed to enhance the success of the team. To reap the benefits of the website, you and your team members will need to practice what you learn. This requires a commitment by you and your team members to apply the knowledge and skills, regardless of your role on the team.

Should I use the website on my own or with my team?

You can explore the website on your own. Most of the learning resources can be used on your own or with your team members. For example, you may review a tip sheet, checklist, or video on your own and then discuss what you learned or how you may apply the content with your team members. The scenarios can also be completed on your own or as a team. When used as a team, members can discuss how each choice would affect the team and talk about the discussion questions at the end of each scenario.

The only type of learning resource that must be completed as a team is the Activity Guide with Worksheet. Each Activity Guide provides instructions about who should participate, when to conduct the activity, and what is needed to complete the activity (e.g., facilitator, flipchart).

Can I print out the website so I can have it with me when I attend meetings?

All web pages, except for the Home Page, are available as a PDF. At the top of each page, you will see a symbol next to the title (see below).


Double-click on that symbol to open the PDF. You can download the PDF onto your computer and then save and/or print it. Many of the learning resources are also available as a PDF that you can print. These resources include:

  • Tip Sheets
  • Checklists
  • Activity Guides with Worksheets
  • Quotes from Researchers and Stakeholders
  • Further Reading Lists
  • Transcripts of Audio Interviews

The User Guide is also available as a PDF.

How can I provide feedback on the website?

PCORI values your thoughts and feedback. You may submit comments or questions about the website here: researchteams@pcori.org

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Please contact researchteams@pcori.org if you do not find what you are looking for.

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