Topics for targeted PCORI Funding Announcements (PFAs) may be nominated by multiple sources, including patients and other stakeholders, PCORI’s Board of Governors, and staff. To be selected for a PFA, topics must go through the six-step PCORI Topic Prioritization Pathway. The topics under consideration evolve as new topics are submitted and other topics progress to higher steps. A topic may be discarded at any point in the pathway if it is deemed ineligible, if promising research in that area is already under way, or if the topic no longer aligns with our research strategy.

The topics currently in our Topic Prioritization Pathway are listed according to their primary therapeutic area or their position in the pathway.

Neurological Disorders
Cardiovascular Health
Non-Disease Specific
Dental Health
Nutritional and Metabolic Disorders
Ear, Nose, and Throat Diseases
Eye Diseases
Rare Disease
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Reproductive and Perinatal Health
Infectious Disease
Respiratory Disease
Kidney Disease
Skin Disease
Liver Disease
Mental and Behavioral Health
Urinary Disorders
Muscular and Skeletal Disorders

If you are interested in a particular research topic and do not find it in our pathway, you are welcome to submit the topic to us for consideration. We also welcome comments on the topics currently in the Topic Prioritization Pathway.

Posted: October 26, 2015; Updated: September 18, 2017

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