The 2019 law reauthorizing PCORI’s funding clarified that the research we fund should consider, as appropriate, the full range of outcomes, including costs and other economic burdens. To help guide our work in this space, PCORI developed through extensive engagement of patients and stakeholders the Principles for the Consideration of the Full Range of Outcomes Data in PCORI-Funded Research.

The Principles, and the engagement leading to their development, informed our framework for activity to contribute information on patient-centered economic outcomes to support patients', caregivers', and others' healthcare decisions.

Framework for Activities

Collection of the Full
Range of Outcomes


Informing the
Value Conversation


Supporting Policy

PCORI aims to ensure that the appropriate and relevant data on the full range of outcomes are identified and collected in PCORI awards   PCORI aims to help advance patient-centered approaches to the value conversation by supporting understanding of diverse perspectives on patient-centered value   PCORI aims to produce information that can support policy makers’ decisions
Refine PCORI guidance to applicants and awardees regarding types of burdens, costs, and economic impacts for potential inclusion in PCORI-funded research, and data sources Develop and refine guidance for capture and reporting of specific types of potential burdens or costs consistent with a patient-centered perspective   Publish landscape review of current stakeholder statements, perspectives, and frameworks around value in health and health care Engage patients and those who care for them to identify the components their community believes necessary in patient-centered value   Continue producing evidence products focused on emerging technologies and therapeutics  Build upon evidence synthesis capabilities to provide more timely information

Assessing Costs and Other Burdens

PCORI encourages investigators to capture, as appropriate, the full range of outcomes in PCORI-funded research. Guidance for applicants may be found in PCORI Funding Announcements. In addition, PCORI is working to provide additional guidance to investigators to support their continued generation of authoritative, useful, relevant patient-centered outcomes and clinical effectiveness data that includes economic and other burdens.

PCORI asks all investigators to, as appropriate, identify, collect data on, and describe the full range of patient-centered and clinical outcomes relevant to patients and other stakeholders. These outcomes should include relevant costs and other burdens. PCORI asks applicants to outline the relevance of the cost or other burdens they will examine in their proposed research as applicable and to describe the approach they will use for capturing this information. As with results on other patient-centered outcomes, summary data on costs and other burdens will be available to the public in final peer-reviewed research reports published to the PCORI website.

Assigning Costs to Healthcare Utilization

This report is part of PCORI’s resources for the collection of the full range of outcomes in PCORI-funded research. It synthesizes findings from a focused review of the published and gray literature on the recommended approaches and commonly used practices for assigning costs to healthcare utilization.

Findings from this review can serve as a resource for analyzing and disseminating patient-centered costs that are relevant to patients’, caregivers’ and other stakeholders’ decisions about health care.

View the Report

Applicant Support

Visit the Collecting Data On Costs And Economic Burdens FAQs.

For questions about funding announcements, email [email protected].

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Posted: October 5, 2022; Updated: July 18, 2023

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