On July 26, 2022, PCORI announced the approval of $261 million in funding for 26 new research studies and two implementation projects. View all the approved funding awards below.

Research Studies

Study Title Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-PI Organization
Addressing Disparities
Comparing Three Approaches to Communication with Hospitalized Children with Limited English Proficiency Alisa Khan, MD, MPH The Children's Hospital Corporation
Comparing Two Models of Well-Child Care for Black Families Tumaini Coker, MD, MBA Seattle Children's Research Institute
Future Planning and Well-Being for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Family Caregivers Sophia Jan, MD, MSHP The Feinstein Institute For Medical Research
Assessment of Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options
Stent Omission after Ureteroscopy and Lithotripsy in the Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative (SOUL MUSIC) Khurshid Ghani, MBCHB, MS University of Michigan Medical School, Department
LIVE-SMART: Liver Cirrhosis Interventions for Fall Prevention: A Sequential, Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial Elliot Tapper, MD University of Michigan
COOL PRIME: Cooling Mild HIE Parental Selection of Outcomes Lina Chalak, MD University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center
Preventing Suicidal Behavior with Diverse High-Risk Youth in Acute Care Settings Holly Wilcox, PhD, MA
Barbara Stanley, PhD
Johns Hopkins University
Healthy Aging: Optimizing Physical and Mental Functioning
Comparing Healthcare Visit Recording and Open Notes to Improve the Chronic Illness Care Experience for Older Adults (The CHRONICLE Trial) Paul Barr, PhD, MPH Trustees of Dartmouth College
Perioperative Physical Activity in Older Adults Undergoing Lung Cancer Surgery Dan Raz, MD
Virginia Sun, PhD, RN
City of Hope Beckman Research Institute
Comparative Effectiveness of Brief Strength and Balance Exercises and Standard Home-Based Group Exercise for Primary Care Patients with Mobility Disability Christopher Sciamanna, MD, MPH Pennsylvania State University Hershey Medical Center
A TriaL ComparIng the EffectiVEness and ToleraBility of MEdicaTions in Older Adults with STablE Angina and Multiple ChRonic Conditions: LIVE BETTER Michael Nanna, MD, MHS Yale University
Improving Healthcare Systems
Using Technology to Improve Maternal Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Screening and Treatment Constance Guille, MD, MSCR Medical University of South Carolina
Carolina Consortium to Improve Blood Pressure Control in Vulnerable Populations Doyle Cummings, PharmD
Jacqueline Halladay, MD, MPH
Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University
Comparative Effectiveness of In-Person and Telehealth Cardiac Rehabilitation Alexis Beatty, MD, MAS Regents of the University of California, San Francisco
Text-Messaging Telehealth and Contingency Management for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Engagement Mucio Delgado, MD, MS University of Pennsylvania
Improving Methods for Conducting Patient-Centered Outcomes Research
Pragmatic Comparative Effectiveness Using Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trials Abdus Wahed, PhD, MS, MA University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh
Improving PCOR/CER Study Methodologies in Studies with Different Respondent Types Using IRT Roee Gutman, PhD, MS
Jessica Roydhouse, PhD
Brown University
Statistical Methods for Optimizing Dynamic Patient-Level Treatment and Monitoring Strategies Jason Roy, PhD, MS Rutgers University School of Public Health
Sensitivity Analysis Methods for Pragmatic Trials with Irregular and Informative Assessment Times Daniel Scharfstein, ScD, MS University of Utah
Multimodal Interventions to Prevent Osteoporotic Fractures
Effectiveness of a Multimodal Intervention for Transitions of Care after Lower Limb Fracture Patricia Dykes, PhD, RN, MA
Denise Orwig, PhD, MS
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Pharmacologic and Nonpharmacologic Treatments for Migraine Prevention
CBT via Telehealth + Amitriptyline Compared to CBT via Telehealth: Pediatric Migraine Prevention Scott Powers, PhD Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Phased Large Awards for Comparative Effectiveness Research (PLACER)
Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial for Bipolar Depression: SMART-BD Andrew Nierenberg, MD
Andrea Foulkes, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Rapid Reversal of Acute Suicidal Depression across the Lifespan: A Pragmatic Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Electroconvulsive Therapy vs. Intravenous Ketamine Treatment Amit Anand, MD
Bo Hu, PhD, MS
Brigham and Womens Hospital, Boston
Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Using His/Left Bundle Pacing vs. Left Ventricular Epicardial Pacing in Patients with Heart Failure Mihail G. Chelu, MD, PhD
Kenneth A. Ellenbogen, MD
Baylor College of Medicine
Nasal Steroids, Irrigation, Oral Antibiotics, and Subgroup Targeting for Effective Management of Sinusitis Daniel Merenstein, MD Georgetown University Medical Center
Individualizing Treatment for Asthma in Primary Care Wilson Pace, MD
David Mauger, PhD
American Academy of Family Physicians

Implementation Projects

Project Title Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-PI Organization
Implementation of PCORI-Funded Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Results
Technology-Assisted Implementation of a Mobile Health Intervention for Serious Mental Illness Dror Ben-Zeev, PhD University of Washington
The TRIAD (Treatment Individualized Appendicitis Decision Making) Implementation Program David Flum, MD, MPH
Giana Davidson, MD, MPH
University of Washington

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