Will RFI respondents receive a response from PCORI?

No, PCORI will not be responding individually to those who submitted RFI responses. We will carefully review all input, which will inform PCORI’s call for proposals for HSII participation later this year. PCORI thanks all those who prepared and submitted a response to the RFI!

Can organizations and associations representing health systems and provider-aligned health plans respond to this RFI?

Yes. PCORI would be grateful for input from any organization with appropriate expertise and experience to help shape this initiative.

Will organizations (such as research networks, professional associations, trade organizations, or other organizations representing the hospital and health system community) be eligible to apply to become HSII participants?

PCORI’s intention with HSII is to contract with organizations that directly deliver or manage patient care. Entities that work with or represent health systems may collaboratively partner and jointly participate with individual (or multiple) health systems approved as HSII participants. However, we anticipate the lead contracting organization will be a delivery system (or component of that system) or provider-aligned health plan. Specific eligibility for funding is still under consideration.

Does a health system or provider-aligned health plan need to submit a response to the RFI to be eligible to apply to become an HSII participant?


Should multiple Principal Investigators from our organization submit a response to the RFI?

Because PCORI is interested in hearing from potential HSII participants (healthcare delivery systems and provider-aligned health plans), our preference is to receive input that captures the multiple perspectives within your organization rather than individual PI responses.

Last updated: August 11, 2021

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