PCORI and RAND collaborated on this project, which focused on 2 related but separate topics: (1) the use of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the COVID-19 response, and (2) strategies to mitigate negative impacts and enhance positive impacts of AI on health equity. This report examines the first topic, while the second topic is covered in a companion report.

This report draws from and expands upon the content of a previously published PCORI-funded journal article about the use of AI in the clinical response to COVID-19 and includes our examination of the use of AI in the public health response to COVID-19, which has not been described elsewhere.

Project page: Emerging Technologies and Therapeutics Reports: Artificial Intelligence in the COVID-19 Response

About the Emerging Technologies and Therapeutics Reports
The Emerging Technologies and Therapeutics Reports provide timely summaries of evidence supporting new drugs, devices, and other healthcare technologies that are recently in use or may be available in the near term in the United States. The documents also identify gaps that need to be addressed for the technologies or therapeutics to move forward.

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