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PCORI’s mission is to fund patient-centered, comparative clinical effectiveness research that can help patients and those who care for them make better-informed healthcare choices. Including the voices of patients, caregivers, advocacy groups, health system representatives, and others in study planning and design helps accomplish this. However, investigators are often unsure how to expand engagement during quantitative data analysis, interpretation, and results reviews. This uncertainty has led to an “engagement slump” that occurs during the data analysis phase in research projects.

To help close this gap, PCORI has developed a Guide for Engaging with Research Partners about Data and Analysis to prepare research staff to involve research partners in analyzing and interpreting quantitative data. The Guide will present concepts, terms, and examples that are specific to comparative clinical effectiveness research and patient-centered outcomes research methodologies. It provides a series of tips, resources, and activities to help research staff foster communication with partners and build their capacity to actively participate in data analysis and interpretation.


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