August 2022 — The 2019 law reauthorizing PCORI’s funding clarified that PCORI-funded studies should capture "the full range of clinical and patient-centered outcomes, as appropriate," specifically adding "the potential burdens and economic impacts" of healthcare services to the existing patient-centered outcomes and clinical effectiveness measures.

In response, PCORI initiated a multi-step process to implement this provision by working to refine its guidance to applicants, and the broader healthcare community, on how PCORI-funded studies should capture data. PCORI also created an Economic Resource Center (ERC) through contract with RTI International to provide support in conducting activities related to capturing patient-centered costs and economic impacts for PCORI-funded research.

This landscape review of perspectives on "value" in health and health care in the United States, with a focus on PCORI’s stakeholders—patients and caregivers, clinicians, payers, purchasers, hospitals/health systems, industry, policymakers, researchers, and funders—is a step in further fostering understanding of the diversity of approaches to value. The purpose of this review is to inform PCORI, and its community of stakeholders, of the current discussion on "value" among patients, caregivers, and other healthcare stakeholders as PCORI implements its new authority.


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