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The Veterans Health Administration spent $78 billion in the 2019 fiscal year. (Congressional Budget Office)


More than nine million veterans are currently enrolled in the VA health care program. (CBO)


PCORI has funded 36 comparative effectiveness research studies that involve or are recruiting veterans, are based at the VA health centers, or focus on conditions on topics highly relevant to veterans and those who care or them. (As of September 2023)

PCORI Story: Along the Path to Veteran-Centered Health Research: A Veteran's Experiences Shape Patient-Centered CER

“When I got back from serving as a combat medic in Iraq, I wanted to do research to better help people,” says Sergeant Dave Hibler, M.S. Through PCORI-funded work to engage veterans in research, Sgt. Hibler dove into the world of patient-centered research. Read how his experiences, ranging from his relationship with his emotional support animal Orion to his observations on group dynamics, are creating ripples in the field of CER.

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Patient and Veteran Engagement in Health Research

A Journal of General Internal Medicine Special Supplement

This April 2022 JGIM supplement reflects the shared goals of PCORI and the Veteran Administration's (VA) Health Services Research and Development to assess what we have learned about engagement in research and inform a larger strategy to continue developing the science of engagement.

These articles also demonstrate the substantial commitments both PCORI and the VA have made in catalyzing engagement in research.

All articles are available free of charge on the JGIM website.

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Veterans Health Study Spotlights

Engaging Veteran Communities in PCOR across the United States

Learn how this PCORI Engagement Award is bringing together veterans and those connected to the military in regional meetings across the United States, engaging and including veterans' voices to prioritize PTSD-related topics that will inform a patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) agenda.