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Presenters: Lynne Becker

Description: Fellow Ambassador, Lynne Becker, presented on her newly launched telehealth company called, “Power of Patients” which aims to accelerate clinical trial research focused on brain injuries. This company takes the form of a neurological data warehouse which collects and manages ongoing, real time patient reported outcomes. The data warehouse allows patients and caregivers to track their longitudinal data, promote a true patient-clinician partnership, and develop tailored rehabilitation care plans. Lynne Becker presented how she was able to surpass her first milestone of enrolling nearly 300 patients in 3 months by utilizing her own coined engagement techniques and metrics. She also discussed initial findings from the Patient Reported Outcome Tracker™ (PROT™) and the Clinical Trial Data System™ (CTDS™).

Key Words: Brain Injury, Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), Telehealth

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