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In light of Minority Health Awareness Month, PCORI Ambassadors, Kelly Morales and Juan Prandoni, will share their work at El Futuro and serving the Latino immigrant community in North Carolina. They will also highlight the PCORI-funded Engagement Award, "Primer on Organizational Readiness for PCOR Uptake for Community Organizations Providing Behavioral Health Services to Latinos" during the coffee break. This Engagement Award is aiming to bring the idea of "bridging the research to practice gap" to life in their community by partnering with four mental health organizations in North Carolina to help build their capacity to take in a recent PCORI funded research finding and implement it as part of their regular services.

Presenters: Kelly Morales, MA and Juan Prandoni, PhD
Key Words: Minority Mental Health, Dissemination & Implementation, PCOR Capacity Building, Latinx populations