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Presenter: Neely Williams

This Ambassador coffee break was hosted by fellow Ambassador and PEAP member, Neely Williams, EdD. Neely shared more about her role as an active member of PCORnet since its inception. She currently serves as a patient partner/co-investigator and member of the stakeholder advisory board for the STAR-CRN and is a member of the PCORnet 2.0 Steering Committee. She also served as the patient co-principal investigator on the PCORnet Bariatric Surgery Demonstration Project, helping to bring the patient perspective to the overall project and participating in decision making at the highest level of the study. She previously served as a member of the national PCORnet Stakeholder Engagement Committee. She continues to work on various activities within these specific networks and PCORnet more broadly. Please join us to learn more about Neely's work within PCORnet.

Keywords: PCORnet, Stakeholder Engagement, STAR