PCORI Director of Public and Patient Engagement Kristin L. Carman, PhD, MA, explains how researchers can use the PCORI Engagement Rubric as a blueprint for implementing engagement strategies throughout the research process, and discusses PCORI’s plans for expanding it. Learn more about PCORI's focus on engagement in health research.

More About the Engagement Rubric
PCORI's Engagement Rubric, developed collaboratively with our Advisory Panel on Patient Engagement, provides guidance on methods for engaging stakeholder partners throughout each phase of a research study.

The Engagement Rubric identifies opportunities for stakeholder engagement in the three phases of the research project—planning, conduct, and the dissemination of results—and is grounded in a set of principles that lay a foundation for equitable partnerships. It includes real-world examples of engagement strategies and activities drawn from our research portfolio. While not prescriptive, the Engagement Rubric provides guidance to applicants for PCORI funding about potential engagement approaches to consider.

Since 2014, when the Engagement Rubric was developed, it has become an influential resource as the practice of engagement has grown.

PCORI is in the process of updating and enhancing the Engagement Rubric. The next version will incorporate findings from evaluations of our research portfolio and practice-based knowledge to incorporate evidence-based guidance for meaningful engagement, broaden the spectrum of research partner involvement, and to more explicitly address the needs of different stakeholder audiences.


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